Are you thinking DEEP?

Decentralized encrypted edge-driven peer-to-peer (DEEP) technology is the future.

If you have doubts, understand that Facebook certainly knows DEEP is the future.

Facebook is investing in blockchain technology.

Facebook is investing in end-to-end encryption across all their messaging services.

Facebook has opened an .onion site accessible with a Tor browser.

Yet, despite knowing the future, Facebook will be unable to adapt. Here’s why.

A leopard never changes its spots

Corporations cannot be anything other than what they’re created to be. In Facebook’s case, surveillance capitalism is their reason to exist and even as Zuckerberg says their future is privacy, understand that if his intentions are genuine, this falls outside their mandate.

If anything, Facebook will try its darnedest to use DEEP technology to re-orient our definition of privacy. What they really mean is that they mean to make *their* data private to themselves. And understand, what you think is *your* data, they actually see as their data.

Yet, despite these efforts, Facebook will fail to subvert DEEP. Why? Because a leopard never changes its spots. Facebook is, and always will be, a cloud-based architecture based on massive data farms that store personal information of 2 billion+ users.

You’re the product

Your information is why they exist. This is why Facebook is “free” — because so long as you willingly give them information, they will store it indefinitely. Everything you give to Facebook will be inevitably monetized no matter how much DEEP technology they adopt.

Believe me, we’re not the only ones to notice this. There’s a first wave of social media startups that are beginning to attack this vulnerability of Facebook. They might be little cubs right now, but they’ll soon grow to be ferocious lions.

What do ferocious lions do?

They hunt their prey. Yes, in the wild, lions see leopards as prey.

Not all these new DEEP tech start-ups will succeed. Most will probably fail. A good chunk may even get an early exit when FAANG companies acquire them. But eventually, a handful of companies will break through and go for the kill.

Left in the open savanna, a leopard has no recourse to the attack of the lion.

As many of you may be aware, we at are raising a cub. We’re nurturing this. It’s growing.