Checkmate!  Amazon makes a move to get your data before Facebook

There has been lots of talk about Facebook and their shameless exploitation of their users data for profit.  Let’s not forget Amazon. The Seattle-based Internet shopping titan has just made a move in the data game that will put them firmly in control of all your data if you let them.

Amazon takes latest step into the smart home with deal for Wi-Fi system company Eero

On February 12, 2019 Amazon announced the purchase of a mesh wifi startup called Eero.  Eero joins $1 billion Internet doorbell maker Ring, Blink security cameras and the Alexa enabled line of Echo speakers in a push to offer you the convenience of a fully automated home.  Presumably your fridge could order groceries from Whole Foods delivered by Prime.

Eero’s mesh wifi extenders are intended to help you boost your wifi signal into dark zones in your house, your concrete bomb shelter maybe?  In Jeff Bezos’ case I am sure he could really use a wifi boost in the vault where he stores his billions. Regardless of where you need extra wifi it sure sounds like a great idea until you realize what Eero really is.

Eero is a checkmate move by Amazon to own all the Internet traffic in your home.  If you set up a convenient Eero mesh wifi network in your home ALL of your Internet traffic would be routed through servers owned and operated by Amazon.  They would literally know everything you did on the Internet including what you are posting to Facebook, before even Facebook does.

International condemnation follows Huawei around the world as they are consistently accused of having a back door into all the Internet traffic carried over their network hardware.  What about Amazon having a back door into all the Internet traffic in our homes?  I guess that’s okay because Amazon does not need a back door they just Ring your Internet doorbell and Alexa lets them in.