19 April 2022

Once more unto the Breach!

Data breaches happen so often nowadays it’s hard to keep them all straight.

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22 April 2021

The Decentralists – Hot Topix: Data Breach Mayhem

With data breaches on the rise, it’s time to stop trusting our data with cloud providers. It’s time to Decentralize. 

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20 April 2021

Data Breaches Are The New Normal

Most Internet companies don’t build products with security in mind.

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13 April 2021

Are You Facebook’s Latest Victim?

Already a source for conspiracy theories and fake news, Facebook is perceived as having one of the worst brand reputations in America.

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20 December 2019

Data Leaks & Privacy Violations: It’s Okay to Be Afraid

Another large and egregious Facebook breach reminds us how unsafe our personal data really is. According to WIRED, over 1.2 billion user records collected from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter users…

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