25 June 2020

Are contact tracing apps a time bomb for civil liberties violations?

You didn’t install it. Apple and Google did it for you. According to the BBC, COVID-19 contact tracing is now baked into iOS and Android operating systems. This new functionality alerts…

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28 May 2020

Necessity is the Mother of Intention

Long before COVID-19, we were talking about how decentralization could change the world and solve pressing issues like access to healthcare, climate change, and banking the unbankable. How decentralization could…

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6 May 2020

Different is the new Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has killed over 250,000 people (worldwide) and taken us to the brink of economic ruin but that does not mean that we should give up on civil…

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12 March 2020

How to fight coronavirus misinformation on social media

Social media is in a panic right now. As of this writing, four of the five most trending topics on Twitter have to do with coronavirus. Within the past 24…

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6 March 2020

Social media and the spread of the Coronavirus

Dr. Li Wenliang knew something was wrong. In December 2019, he noticed that seven patients were quarantined at his hospital with symptoms resembling SARS. On social media, he alerted the…

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9 January 2019

Being social is natural, today’s social media is not.

People are social beings and it is only natural to want to belong to a network of people to facilitate being social.   However the network you join must be…

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