31 July 2019

Who invited the 800-pound Gorilla?

When value is not as it seems Web portals like Alta Vista and Netscape were great but it was the search engine that really kicked things off, and screwed things…

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25 July 2019

Dr. Berners-Lee, I presume?

The ideals of the World Wide Web One of the problems of the early Peer-to-Peer Internet was that each piece of information needed to be stored and accessed separately, taking…

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Peer Stories

9 July 2019

Rick Knight asks, “Is history repeating itself?”

A long time Internet user feels a sense of deja vu. Rick Knight is a graphic designer with decades of experience in social media. He’s also joined Peer’s early adopter…

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9 January 2019

Being social is natural, today’s social media is not.

People are social beings and it is only natural to want to belong to a network of people to facilitate being social.   However the network you join must be…

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