30 November 2021

Use me or Lose me

Your username and the metadata associated with it are not owned by you. Even the name tells the story. It’s not ownername for a reason: you don’t own your data – you merely access and ‘use’ it.

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19 August 2021

Decentralization Education Episode 4: The Cloud

What exactly is the Cloud and why has it been such a great innovation to help the Internet grow? 

Without the Cloud, the Internet would be much smaller and less accessible to people without computers but that conveniences comes at a cost.

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5 September 2019

Before you ask the question…

Does peer-to-peer have a future? If P2P networking is so great for users why not use it as the basis for the Internet 30 years in the future?   In the…

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9 January 2019

Being social is natural, today’s social media is not.

People are social beings and it is only natural to want to belong to a network of people to facilitate being social.   However the network you join must be…

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