30 November 2021

Use me or Lose me

Your username and the metadata associated with it are not owned by you. Even the name tells the story. It’s not ownername for a reason: you don’t own your data – you merely access and ‘use’ it.

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22 September 2020

The Problem with Facebook: Collection Not Connection

As social creatures, human beings naturally yearn for meaningful connections. So, when social media platforms like Facebook emerged, people marvelled over how easy it was to interact with others. Facebook…

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8 September 2020

How Internet Decentralization Benefits Society

We live in exciting times. Internet decentralization is no longer in the far off future. It’s here. But what exactly is decentralization and why is it a big deal? In…

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15 January 2020

Social Media and User Data: Hot Potato or Silver Bullet?

Why the future of Social Media and Digital Identity is decentralised As a start-up entrepreneur, I have a lot of ideas. Like most people, I use technology as a means…

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8 January 2019

Many people use social media to make money and it is killing them.

Our data is worth a lot of money to social media companies. It was worth $40 billion to Facebook alone in 2017. Lately, there has been a lot of focus…

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7 January 2019

Where did all the money go?

Facebook’s all time high Market Capitalization was $627 billion on July 25, 2018.   On July 26, 2018 Facebook released their Q2 financial report indicating a dramatic slowing in the growth of…

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