The Decentralists – Episode 8: What? When? and How? A Practical guide to Decentralization with special guest Julian Zawistowski

This week we are joined by Julian Zawstowski, a decentralized systems visionary and entrepreneur, and founder of the Golem Foundation. Located in Warsaw, Poland, Julian and his colleagues at the Golem Foundation are engaged in a number of projects that democratize access to computing, breakdown corporate data silos, and strengthen the position of individual users vis-à-vis service providers.
 Julian and his colleagues at the Golem Foundation are cutting edge Decentralists advocating for a new proof of use model call the User Defined Organization. Their first practical application, Wildland, is a distributed file sharing protocol currently in Proof of Concept.

Please join us on this episode of The Decentralists as we explore making decentralization a practical reality for everyone.