The Decentralists – Hot Topix: The Social Media Cold War – Part 2

This week on The Decentralists is our first doubleheader podcast. What started as a local border skirmish between China and India may result in a global data ‘Cold War”involving all apps. We must ask: is there a social media cold war looming?

A few weeks ago, a border Skirmish  between India and China resulted in India’s government banning TikTok  within its borders. This resulted in a cascading bans  across the globe and  the USA might  follow India’s lead. 

Just like it did with Chinese companies like Huawei and ZTE, the USA may also soon ban TikTok. China has already banned American-made Facebook and Twitter…so:

  • Can TikTok still survive outside China?
  • How will TikTok’s Gen Z user base adjust to a ban?
  • Will the world be divided according to which apps they have access to?

Also, beware! Your place of work may soon ban you from using your favourite social network. What could they do if you disobey their ban?