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Date launched: 2018
Global headquarters: Vancouver, Canada
European headquarters: Stockholm, Sweden
Team size: 15
Fundraising status: Seeking Investment

Manyone Mobile

Our first commercial product is Manyone Mobile. Unlike other supposedly secure messaging apps, which collect, store, and sell individual’s user data, Manyone does not. Instead, a super secure personal container holds your identity and data…and only you have the key. The people you connect with, over your growing edge-network, have their own keys too. Everyone communicates through a decentralized platform providing maximum security and privacy.

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Company Details

Manyone, is an early stage technology company developing the next generation of Enterprise-grade blockchain and distributed technology. Our mission is to help people own their digital identities and online data. Our partnership with University College London and the University of British Columbia has us engaged in research and development with some of the top dedicated blockchain researchers in the world.

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The Backstory

The desire to create safe and secure digital products, grew out of our founders’ work at the Peer Social Foundation, an organization committed to online privacy and the creation of secure, sovereign digital identities. In 2018 we made a commitment to creating technology to combat the rising exploitation and manipulation of personal data. Since then we have built a world-class product team developing the next generation of distributed digital identity and secure social networks – where individuals own their data.

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