Game Changers

18 November 2021

The Decentralists – Game Changers: A new approach to Self-sovereign Identity on a Blockchain, with special guest, Ali Farahbakhsh

A design for a purpose-built blockchain using a new, self-sovereign consensus model for digital identity.

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1 September 2021

The Decentralists – Decentralization Education Episode 5: Blockchain

down blockchain into something that everyone can understand. It seems like everyone is talking about blockchain but do you really know what they are talking about?

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27 April 2021

Is BitClout A Scam?

With cryptocurrencies growing more and more popular, it’s not surprising that BitClout’s unique crypto social network is getting so much attention.

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25 March 2021

The Decentralists – Hot Topix: NFT…WTF?

How are NFTs connected to decentralization? Let’s talk about the future of blockchain!

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6 October 2020

Reclaim Your Power: Decentralize the Social Networks

Douglas Rushkoff is an author, documentarian, and media theorist. He has written over twenty books on human autonomy in the digital age. In the article, “Why I am Leaving Facebook,”…

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24 September 2020

The Decentralists – Episode 3: Identity Expert Dr. Geoffrey Goodell

On this episode, we have a very exciting guest—Dr. Geoffrey Goodell, Senior Research Associate of Computer Science at University College London.

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20 August 2020

The Decentralists – Episode 2: An Interview with Dr. Chris Rowell

On this episode of The Decentralists, we are joined by Dr. Chris Rowell from the University of British Columbia.

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