1 September 2021

The Decentralists – Decentralization Education Episode 5: Blockchain

down blockchain into something that everyone can understand. It seems like everyone is talking about blockchain but do you really know what they are talking about?

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25 August 2021

The Decentralists – Hot Topix: The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From The Tree

Apple recently announced a new feature to be released in iOS 15 that would allow all photos stored on an iPhone and in iCloud to be scanned for child specific abusive material (CSAM). Theoretically Apple would be able to compare every iPhone photo to known CSAM material and identify people who create and share such villainous content.

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19 August 2021

Decentralization Education Episode 4: The Cloud

What exactly is the Cloud and why has it been such a great innovation to help the Internet grow? 

Without the Cloud, the Internet would be much smaller and less accessible to people without computers but that conveniences comes at a cost.

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12 August 2021

The Decentralists – Hot Topix: Regulation Rigamarole

Bill C-10 has faced criticism for granting a large amount of power to the CRTC, who are unelected regulators and receive very little guidance from Parliament or the government.

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9 August 2021

The Decentralists – Hot Topix: A Hostage Situation

How do hackers turn our own data against us? What can we do about it?

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29 July 2021

The Decentralists – Hot Topix: Under the Influence

On this episode we talk about Identity and Influence online.

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