The Decentralists – Episode 6: Diane Francis, Journalist, Force of Nature

Diane Francis is a journalist, author, and editor-at-large for the National Post. Her areas of expertise include—Canada-U.S. relations, Silicon Valley, future technology, geopolitics, the Ukraine-Russia conflict, and white-collar crime. Diane’s popular Twitter feed on tech and corruption has more than 240,000 followers.

Always provocative, Diane’s direct and dynamic point of view established her international reputation covering stories about corruption, politics, economics, and technology. On this week’s podcast, our conversation with Diane includes questions such as:

Will governments pass fair compensation legislation, or will they allow the truth to die?

How do we correct the COVID Infodemic?

Should Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act in the U.S. be repealed?

Join Diane Francis and the Decentralists crew as we delve deeper into issues that matter.